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Thank you for your interest!
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Discover artists,
connect with galleries,
and bring art into your space.

At Parlor, we believe that art is about community and curiosity. We take the complication out of art collecting by helping with curation, insurance, installation, and connection. Our rent-to-own model makes ownership more accessible and ensures that artists get paid at every step of the way.

Why we’re here

We believe the art world is ready to welcome a new generation of collectors.


We believe anyone can be an art collector. We help aspiring collectors take the easiest step towards owning artworks by the most exciting artists on the rise.


We believe artists deserve more access to audiences who want to play a significant role in their careers. We’re proud of the artists we work with and we want to play a role in supporting them through recurring revenue streams and increased exposure.


Most of the world’s art is hidden in storage. We believe galleries should be able to sell artworks beyond the exhibition and give their artists more wall-time.

Our collectors span art, design, tech, finance, and every industry in between. We connect newcomers to the art world and art lovers to new artists and galleries.

Artists on our platform are exhibited at: The Museum of Modern Art, New York Whitney Museum of American Art, New York

We work with galleries that have exhibited at: Frieze Art Fair, New York Art Basel Miami Beach, Miami

What we do

Think of us as your art world insider

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Whether it’s a short-term lease or a new acquisition – we curate artworks for you, guide you through the selection process, and help you with the acquisition. Sign up for an introductory call here.

Discover artwork
worth investing in.

Beyond its artistic significance, art can be a valuable asset.

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According to a report by Citi Private Bank’s Art Advisory on the 1995-2020 art market, Contemporary art’s appreciation (13.6%) outperformed the S&P 500 (8.9%) by 4.7% .

Why Parlor?

A new way to enter the art market.


The art world has historically felt limited to a select few. At Parlor, we know that there’s a new generation of collectors waiting to enter the art world. With our help, you can bring gallery-backed artists and artworks home and galleries can access a new generation of collectors.

What does this mean for galleries? Parlor is creating a new way for galleries to connect to the next generation of collectors.

Who we are

We’re a team of first time art buyers, art history nerds, and art world insiders who are here to help you invest into art you love.

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Based out of our New York headquarters, the Parlor team is entrenched in the global art world and committed to sharing insights and learnings on the rapidly growing Ultra-Contemporary art market.

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