Marjolijn de Wit
Amsterdam-based Marjolijn de Wit’s (b. 1979, The Netherlands) ceramic photographic collages, installations, and paintings explore ideas of future archeology, the interpretation of history, and our relationship with nature and the built environment. Her installations use unclassified ceramic pieces resembling artifacts, while her collages incorporate found images in combination with raw, glazed, or photo-printed ceramics, and act as inspiration for her paintings. Large in scale, her naturalistic paintings of the small ceramic collages cause the viewer to question what is real –– what is ceramic, or a painting of ceramic. Ultimately, her collaged aesthetic fuses modern and traditional materials to concoct a meta-archeological compendium of our modern world. By providing only pieces of a whole, the artist shifts between historical purveyor and visual trickster, leaving us to imagine not only her conjured histories, but how others will eventually imagine ours.