The Lower
East Side Edit
For life below-the-fold. Bold, bright lights in the dark. Expressionistic lines. Shouts and whispers. Clear mornings and late nights. Get lost in the spirit of the Lower East Side with our curated collection.

The Lower East Side is home to an eccentric collection of young creatives, a vibrant immigrant community, and below-the-fold nightlife. Rich with history though newly trendy, it’s filled with color, soft irony, and wonderfully surprising perspectives.

In keeping with the spirit of the Lower East Side, Angelina Gualdoni’s Mountain Signal and Matthew Fisher’s The Sphere of Life recall strange and eclectic colors in bizarre scenes.

Chariots I II & III by Gilbert and George is a graphic, high contrast, and maybe sculptural interpretation of the naked male torso; while, Exodus by Alex Sewell tugs on our childish sense of simplicity and wonder that can transform mundane items into objects worthy of awe.

Get lost in the dynamic, eclectic, and creative spirit of the Lower East Side. Artwork is a window through which you can be transported. Look around, stay a while.