We make bringing art home easier than ever.
Here’s how.


Work with us to
select a piece (or a few).


Pick a date and time,
and we’ll handle installation.


Pay for your piece
over 3-12 months, with
all fees going toward ownership.


Enjoy your new artwork
with peace of mind,
it’s fully insured by us.

Explore our collection of 450+
artworks to find the perfect piece.

Pick an artwork by an artist you’ve been following for years, or work with our personal art advisor to find one that speaks to you and your space.

Schedule an installation.
We’ll be in and out in 15 minutes.

We handle the full installation — from getting the right documents in place to installing the piece at the right height. You can read more about our COVID-readiness here.

Pay your piece down
over the next 3–12 months.

All monthly fees go toward ownership, with flexible financing options available if you want to purchase your piece. If not, we’ll handle the pick up after your lease.

Enjoy contemporary art in the
comfort of your own space.

All artworks are 100% insured, and we’ll guide you on how to best care for your artwork during your lease.

Can you help me select an artwork?

Yes! We have a personal advisory service, where you can meet 1:1 with an experienced team member—whether you’re looking for something specific or don’t know where to begin. You can find a time to schedule a 30-minute session.

Are all artworks for sale?

All artworks on Parlor are for sale. You can choose to buy a Parlor artwork at any point during your lease period, and 100% of your monthly fees will be deducted from the overall purchase price. We can also get you set up with a payment plan after your lease ends, so that you can continue paying off your artwork on a monthly basis.

How can I reach someone on your team?

The quickest and easiest way to reach us is via email at info@getparlor.com.